Give your kid a head start in life. Set up a visit today:
Give your kid a head start in life. Set up a visit today:

Where Your Child’s
Future Starts

We are an English-speaking kindergarten specialized in helping children develop a wide spectrum of essential life skills.

Where Your Child’s
Future Starts

We are an English-speaking kindergarten specialized in helping children develop a wide spectrum of essential life skills.

We help children


Become multilingual

Immersing children in a multi-cultural, English, Russian, or German-speaking environment helps them quickly adopt new languages in the most natural way.
Prepare for future challenges
Strengthening both confidence and empathy is a healthy way of ensuring our pupils are well-equipped for the social life ahead
Discover their genius
Helping kids experience different types of art and sports early on sparks their curiosity, determination, and ambition.
Grow up in perfect health
Each year, our kids undergo two dental checkups, and two to three medical checkups by a leading pediatrician from the children’s hospital in Belgrade.
Fall in love with learning
We employ dynamic and fun teaching methods to help children acquire a proper foundation for later stages of education.

Enjoy their childhood

We encourage the kids to imagine the impossible and explore the possible through play and laughter. Because nothing else is more important.

Why parents choose us
and kids love us

Native speakers as teachers
There is no better way for kids to quickly master a new language than to learn it from a native speaker.
Small groups
Our 7:1 pupil-teacher ratio ensures each kid gets all the needed attention and dedication.
Unrivaled location
We are located in a beautiful villa in a peaceful part of Vračar, right next to Neimarski park.
Parent-friendly hours
We open at 8:00 and close at 17:30. However, we also offer an extended or overnight stay.
AND, we accept new applications all year long!

Kids deserve the best

Languages of tomorrow
The kids and the teachers only communicate in the language of the chosen package. We also offer additional English, Russian, German, and, as a special offer, Chinese language classes. And since all our language teachers are native speakers, our pupils leave Little Sparrows with near-native knowledge* of some of the world’s leading languages. (*for children of their age)
A unique set of activities
We ensure our pupils get enough mental and physical exercise – and experience different variations of art. Our activities involve ballet, acting, karate, swimming, music, painting, and traffic education; giving them an amazing foundation in different fields.
Prominent tutors
Our teachers and tutors set us apart from all other kindergartens in Belgrade. From leading pedagogy experts to world-renowned artists and athletes, we make sure your children get the best possible care and knowledge.
Top-quality nutrition
Our fish, chicken, veal, vegetable, and fruit-based daily menu is deliciously healthy and perfectly suited for the kids’ age. Additionally, half of the food our cook uses is home-grown in a nearby village.

What parents say
about us

I felt at ease leaving my five-year-old son at the kindergarten for the entire day the whole year, because I am sure he is being taken care of by attentive and simply wonderful people. Thank you for your energy, for the selfless love, and touching care you surrounded my son Miroslav with! Since he started going to kindergarten, he has become more independent and more open, which makes me nothing but happy as a parent.


Viktorija K.

Since the first day at kindergarten, Irina has been looking forward to every morning. For her, it’s just like going to see her best friend. The main reasons have to be the kindergarten’s approach and the level to which they adjust to each child. The most important thing for me as a parent is that my daughter truly learns a lot and spends quality time playing and socializing.


Tijana P.

We were immediately drawn by the professionalism and warmth of the entire staff who make a great effort in creating a home-like family environment in which children feel secure to play, learn, and develop. We were impressed with the emphasis put on language, art, drama, and sports like karate and ballet. Our son enjoyed making friends with children of various nationalities.


Marija S. C.

Vrapčići kindergarten is full of qualified and helpful teachers who have been very professional and kind to the children and the parents. We have greatly appreciated the weekly program full of very important activities for emotional development and growth of the children.


Emilio B.

Our packages

Standard English package
Packages starting at
Optional offers
Standard Russian package
Packages starting at
Optional offers
Standard German package  
Optional offers
Is your child between 1 and 2,5 years old?

Little Sparrows

Our nursery’s environment is tailored to help the youngest of our little sparrows, aged 1-2.5 years, spread their wings and start exploring the world. Right from the start, the kids start absorbing a foreign language (or their native one) from our caring and experienced native speaking staff. The program blends fun with education through a variety of daily activities, helping the children adopt basic life skills faster. The children are under constant supervision while they play, socialize, and learn.

Your family’s health
is our priority

Other than following the latest COVID-19 recommendations, we are taking resolute measures to keep the children safe and healthy, and to give the parents peace of mind. All of our staff are required to wear face masks when in contact with visitors, and to be regularly tested. The entire space is regularly and thoroughly disinfected, including the toys. The parents are required to leave their children at the entrance. If the situation worsens and city or state-wide lockdowns are introduced again, we have prepared a fully online program. Designed to ensure your kids continue with their educational program and to keep them occupied while you focus on your work.

Enlist your kid in the leading international kindergarten in Belgrade

To get more info or schedule an in-person tour of the facilities, simply call us at +381 61 614 0475 or +381 11 4062 837 – or fill out this short form.
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